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Elevation Web Launches SEO and SEM Services to Nonprofits

Nonprofit website design agency expands its list of web solutions to their clients.

<p>Elevation Web, a high- quality nonprofit website design company, just announced their new search marketing service for clients; SEO and SEM. After over ten years in the web design industry, Elevation Web has decided to take their services to the next level and provide full- service design solutions with the addition of SEO and SEM. This essential marketing service allows nonprofits to stand out amongst the numerous other sites on the web- establishing their organization as a leader in its niche, and driving interest to their cause.</p> <p>With the company's recent implementation of SEO and SEM services, their work to provide cost effective and high-quality web design is in full swing. Both are extremely important in today&rsquo;s digital world and even more so for nonprofits. SEO or Search engine optimization is generating quality, organic traffic through free, unpaid listings. SEM or search engine marketing on the other hand is using Google Grants and funding to create ads for search engine listings. Elevation Web&rsquo;s search Marketing approach is focused on driving meaningful traffic to a nonprofit&rsquo;s website in order to generate quantifiable change.</p> <p>At Elevation, their effective SEO strategy includes; comprehensive keyword analysis, website and content optimization, blog optimization, and monthly Web reports tailored to the nonprofit&rsquo;s objectives. In addition, Elevation is well-versed in Google Adwords, providing the expertise to execute and deliver effective online campaigns. They will create ads supporting the goals of the organization, test their effectiveness, and generate reports on the success of the campaign. Through this strategy SEO and SEM works in sync with the way search engines sort and rank information allowing the nonprofit to generate traffic, connect with their target audience, and reach more donors. &nbsp;</p> <p>Elevation is a web development firm that has one goal: Help nonprofits spread their mission effectively online. Aside from online marketing services they provide graphic design, copywriting, and nonprofit website design. For more information on how you can take advantage of these services, check out their website <a href="http://www.elevationweb.org">www.elevationweb.org or contact one of their account managers at </a><a href="mailto:info@elevationweb.org">info@elevationweb.org</a><a href="http://www.elevationweb.org">. </a></p>

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