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Elevation Web Introduces Infographic to Help Increase Nonprofit Online Donations

Elevation Web, a high-quality nonprofit website design company, just published their most recent infographic: Nonprofit Donation Landing Pages-7 Fundamental Elements to Increase an Online Donations.

With online donating being one of the primary means of receiving donations, Elevation Web put together an infographic that helps organizations optimize their website's donation page and ultimately increase donations.

The infographic dives into the 7 essential features that successfully create a well-designed, simple, and enjoyable giving experience for all its users. Disclosing that 75 percent of young donors are turned off by out-of-date websites, this infographic focuses on security, layout, and. other key design characteristics that generate a lasting impact on donor performance.

Click here to view the infographic: http://www.elevationweb.org/blog/web-design/donation-landing-page-infographic/

Elevation is a web development firm that has one goal: Help nonprofits spread their mission effectively online. Aside from nonprofit website design they provide graphic design, copywriting, and marketing services. For more information on how one can take advantage of these services, check out their website www.elevationweb.org or contact one of their account managers at info@elevationweb.org.

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